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About Markazi Province ...

Geographic Position

Administrative Divisions

Industrial & Commerce




Geographical Position

  Markazi province is located almost in the center of Iran between 33° 30' and 30° 35' N latitude and 48° 57' and 51° E longitude. It is limited to the provinces of Tehran and Qazvin from the north, to Hamadan from the west, to Lurestan and Esfahan from the south, and to Qom from the east. The city of Arak is the center of this province. The province includes the townships of Arak, Ashtian, Delijan, Khomein, Komijan, Mahallat, Saveh, Shazand (Sarband), Tafresh and Zarandiyeh. It houses 1,314,849 people in an area of 29,152 km2 and has 18 districts, 61 sub-districts and 1342 villages.

  One part of the province is in Iran's central plateau and another is to the east of the intersection of Alborz and Zagross Mountain Ranges. Therefore, the climate is diverse. In mountainous areas precipitation is often in the form of snow and in the lowest areas it often rains.

  Administrative Divisions

  According to the latest divisions of the country into provinces and townships, Markazi province includes 10 towns, 18 districts, 61 sub-districts, 1394 inhabited and 46 deserted villages.

  Industry and Commerce

  Markazi province is regarded as an industrial province and the existence of key industries in Arak and significant manufacturing factories in Saveh has transformed it into a major industrial center. The major industrial factories of the province are Mashin Sazi, Aluminum Sazi, Kabl Sazi (Cable Manufacturing Co.), Iran Combine, HEPCO (Heavy Equipment Products Company), Avangan (manufacturer of power transmission metal structures), Tolid Adavat Keshavarzi (manufacturing agricultural implements), Tolid Navard Aluminum (aluminum rolling mill), Rang Ronas (Ronas Paints Company), refinery, petrochemical factory, power plant, Azarab in Arak and Profile and Aluminum Irrigation Pipes Manufacturing Company, Lastik Sazi (Tire Manufacturing Factory) and others in Saveh. The products of these and other factories and industries are sold both in domestic markets and in international markets. Add to this the agricultural products which, together with industrial products, make the province one of the major trade and industrial poles.


  There are 112 mines in Markazi province most of which produce construction materials. Some of the major mines include: iron ore in Shams Abad (near Arak), lead, zinc, manganese, baryte, travertine, gypsum and rock salt mines. There are many travertine mines in Nimvar near Mahallat.


  The economy of the province is based on, in order of importance, service sectors, industrial sectors and agriculture. Approximately 19% of the total area of the province is consisted of arable lands, 57% of pasture lands and 24% is not arable (occupied by lakes, desert lands, roads and cities). The agricultural products of the province include wheat, barley, pulses, sunflower, cotton, sugar beet, tomato and onion. Some of these products are produced in excess of local demands and are, therefore, sold to neighboring provinces and cities and in some cases are exported to foreign countries. These products include the following:

From Arak: wheat, barley, grapes, vegetables and dried nuts and fruits.

From Saveh: pomegranate, cantaloupe and pistachio

From Mahallat: lettuce and flowers

From Tafresh: almond and walnut

From Khomein: onion, beans and wheat

 Markazi province has a unique position in the country because of its fertile lands, and the production of some agricultural and livestock products. It can be said that approximately 50% of the people in Markazi province live in rural areas and their main occupation is farming and animal husbandry.



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