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  Arak Science & Technology Park
   Members of I A S P - International Association of Science Parks  

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Our aim is to pave the ground for promoting science and technology in Markazi Province, central Iran, with the assistance of local experts and professionals. We will also offer added value services in order to promote technology in the region.

By creating a pleasant atmosphere, Arak Science and Technology Park connects universities and industries and, therefore, prepares the ground for experts and professionals to assist in moving Markazi Province's technology away from low technologies toward more advanced, high technologies.

By creating interchange among the region's research institutions, industries and universities, it assists technology firms achieve synergy and increase competitiveness.

Our mission ...our mission

 Our mission is to provide added value services to the region's knowledge-based institutions and firms that work in fields with comparative advantage, in order to help promote them and therefore increase wealth in the community.






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