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  Arak Science & Technology Park - Objectives

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What is a science & technology park?

Why is it created?

What are its duties?

Which organization establishes a science & technology park?

What are is it like?

What are the procedures of establishing a science & technology park?

What are the requirements for establishing a science & technology park?

What conditions should be met by the management headquarters?

What are the financial sources of a science & technology park?


What is a science & technology park?

  It is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions. To reach these goals, a science & technology park stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology among R&D institutions, private companies and markets and facilitates the growth of innovation-based companies through incubation and spin-off processes.

  Why is it created?

  To assist in the increase of wealth in the community through developing knowledge- based economy

To commercialize research results and promote tripartite cooperation between research, manufacturing and services sectors of the community

To increase knowledge-based enterprises' competitiveness and growth

To assist in absorbing technological know-how and international and domestic capitals

To increase the presence and specialized cooperation of domestic technology companies in the international arena

To support the creation and growth of small or medium-sized technology-based enterprises

To support innovative research and engineering institutions in order to develop technology and entrepreneurship

  What are its duties? 

To assist in increasing the technical knowledge of technology-based companies to enable them to compete in the world arena

To provide technology-based companies with efficient, much needed services in order to help them grow

To organize the region's  capabilities and facilities in order to connect technology-based companies with universities' and industrial centers' scientific facilities and resources

To assist in leading the science centers associated with the park to carry out research on fields needed by technology-based companies

To create favorable conditions to absorb engineers, scientists and specialists from inside and outside the country

To prepare the ground for R&D units of public and private companies to work in the park

To create favorable conditions for foreign technology-based companies' presence in and cooperation with the park in order to help advance regional companies

To prepare the ground for joint activity between domestic and foreign companies;

To encourage research with the aim of expanding products and processes and acquiring technology

To help establish new economic enterprises and institutions through incubators

  Which organization establishes a science & technology park?

  A science & technology park is created and funded by government or non-governmental organizations.

  What is it like?

  A science & technology park has the following characteristics:

It is close to important urban centers, universities, and economic regions.

It has a small and experienced managerial headquarters.

It is able to organize facilities and offer added value services.

It has appropriate urban and physical infrastructures.

It is easily accessible through highways, airports and railways.

It has new architectural style with a peaceful and pleasant environment.


What are the stages for establishing a science & technology park?

  Agreement in principle for establishing a science park is issued through these stages if approved by authorities concerned. First, preliminary studies and analysis of the feasibility of establishing the park must be done by the founding organization, a report that justifies its establishment must be prepared and the preliminary studies' worksheet must be filled. The applications will be analyzed and preliminary results will be offered to the applicants. If positive, follow-up activities must be done by the founding organization and reports and documents must be submitted and new worksheets must be filled. In the third stage, the applications will be analyzed according to existing instructions and guidelines. Finally, the final result will be announced to the applicant organization, and in case of approval, agreement in principle for establishing the park will be issued.

  What are the requirements for establishing a science & technology park?

There must be at least two large (public or private) universities in the region with at least 10000 students in fields related to park's activities.

There must be at least one industrial town in the region.

There must be at least 150 manufacturing and industrial companies and 50 research institutions and private engineering services companies working in fields related to park's activities.

At least 10 technology units must declare their preparedness for cooperation in the park's establishment or for presence in it.

The region must have suitable urban infrastructures and facilities.

Certain government organizations such as Governor-General's Office, universities, department generals of the province and large manufacturing units in the region must have declared their preparedness for cooperation.

Total area for the park's activities must not be less than five hectares and more than 30 hectares at the beginning.

Concerned authorities like the municipality, Article Five Commission or the Higher Council on Urbanization must have approved the ownership and use of the land.

There must be suitable access roads to urban areas, universities and industrial units in the region.

Public utilities like water, electricity and telephone must be available at most 1 kilometer away from the park's land.

  What are the qualifications of the managerial headquarters?

They should be familiar with the theoretical principles of science parks.

They should be familiar with the society's (public and private) technical and economic structures.

They should know enough about developmental research.

They should be able to attract and evaluate private companies.

They should have good and specialized counselors.


What are the sources of finance of a science & technology park?

  The annual budget of government-owned parks is drawn up from the country's general credits. However, parks have other sources of income including:

Revenues from its activities and services.

From contacts signed with other executive administrations.

Donations made by private individuals and legal entities.




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